Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Leinenkugel Red Lager

click bottle for larger view

Leinenkugel Red Lager
J. L. Leinenkugel Brewing Company
Chippewa Falls, WI

What can I say but that this is Killian's little brother who tags along and pretends he's all grown up too. And I guess he is, if we can call a beer a he and give it human charateristics and wants, but he isn't brash enough to put up a billboard proclaiming "savoRED." It's not as baritone (I know, I make non-beer comparisons, but I'm an intuitist at heart.) as his pseudo-Irish brother from Budskiland or wherever it is Big Red is from but this little bird sings just as loud and for a few pennies less. Plus it has an indian as its emblem and what says beer like a stoic-faced injun? Three cross bows and a pouch of wampum.


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