Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sleeman Silver Creek Lager

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Sleeman Silver Creek Lager
Sleeman Brewing Co.
Ontario, Canada

The next time you're going to haul gravel, cut the lawn, pull up carpet, shingle the roof, run a marathon, do yoga, go swimming, go fishing, drag race, cook steaks on the grill, plant trees, do gardening, go bowling, catch a doubleheader, sky dive, backpack up Freemont Peak, prospect in the desert, visit the Valley of Fire, hitchhike to Florida, camp at the Grand Canyon, jackhammer, play volleyball, fan the queen under the greenwood tree make sure you buy a 6 pack of Sleeman's Silver Creek Lager for $4.99 and refresh afterwards.



Anonymous said...

I pay upwards of 14.00$ for it here in New Brunswick. That's my favorite beer!!!

Problem is, I can't find it in New Brunswick Liquor stores anymore!!! What's hapenning Sleeman's?

Anonymous said...

I pay upwards of 14.00$ for a six pack of this favorite beer of mine here in New Brunswick.
Problem is, I can't find it at any New Brunswick Liquor stores anymore. Needless to say, I'm very depressed about this.
Sleeman's Cream Ale comes as some consolation, but I will never be the same without my Silver Creek.

Wörtwurst said...

I suggest that you go to their website and request places that they deliver it to or ask your local store to request it.

Anonymous said...

I have written and asked about it on their website. But I received no answer.
I will inquire to see if my local NB Liquor store will make an order.

I was just wondering if (given Sleeman's recent moves in trying to find a buyer) the company had stopped making Silver Creek altogether.


Wörtwurst said...

Make a road trip to Michigan. There's plenty of it here.