Sunday, November 05, 2006

Kaiser Xingu Black Beer

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Kaiser Xingu Black Beer
Cervejaria Sul Brasileira

$7.99 for a mixed 6
12 oz bottle
Good Time Party Store
Northville, MI

(pronounced shin-goo)

This thing starts out as a cow-herder's delight chock with heavy malt. Then the shell game of flavors and non-flavors starts. Here a twang of some undistinguishable hop-like remnant, there a swath of hard country water, everywhere a conveyance of uncertain traits that never quite come through. It's like putting beer through a cheesecloth and tasting what was once a beer but now is only the ghost of that beer. Hey, there's even some caramel and light coffee in the dregs. Live amongst the dregs and prosper I tell you.


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