Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Rogue Shakespeare Stout

click bottle for larger view

Rogue Shakespeare Stout
Rogue Ales Brewery
Newport, OR

$5.49 for 22oz
Bonanza Party Store
Livonia, MI

I'm done dropping $5.50 for a bomber of stout or porter when I have some of the best makers of those styles in-state for a few dollars more for three times as much beer. Sure, it's great and stouty and sweet enough to harden my nipples but it's merely paying for a name and a cutesy bottle, not a better product. Plus it's time to start stocking up for my winter beer festival and you painted Shakespeare and your rogue friends are not invited. Well, except for Santa Rogue, but he's available in 12 ounce discounts and maybe the distinct and off-kilter selections but no more standards. Oh yeah...there's some hops in here and smoky coffee.



Socialretard said...

Haven't had the Shakespeare in a bottle, but on tap it's smooth and smoky and worth a $2.75 happy hour pint. I'd say kick down the big bucks for Rogue once more and make it the Chocolate Stout. That's one you won't regret or forget.

Speaking of winter beer festivals, I'll be attending this one a week from Saturday. Got my ticket, now I have to pick the 10 I will taste (or 12 if I get there at noon). A couple imperial stouts, maybe a winter bock, a barley wine, etc. I can't wait.

Wörtwurst said...

Yeah, I'm not a big bar/pub guy. In fact I've never really been to any except for the last few years and maybe 5 times total ever. I'm not a big fan of noise.

Sick Duck Imperial Stout! There are some great names on the list. Steal a keg and send me half.