Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Charles Wells Banana Bread Beer

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Charles Wells Banana Bread Beer
Charles Wells Brewery
Bedford, England

If a man can wake up in the slipshod morning to this rough and tumble existence and still manage his chores then God bless him. If he can manage a beer first thing every two fortnights then he's made some bliss of his own and shrugs off the gods. Seeing as bananas are supposedly spread thin in the world and could be extinct in a decade maybe you should hop onto the fruit beer bandwagon and try this one. It's definitely a breakfast beer and as it warms it becomes more like a lite dessert than a malted beverage. Quite alright for its uniqueness but it's not really something very complex or difficult to decipher. Rather lightly hopped and "specifically malted to bring out the banana character" it's a light wafer that is easily drinkable without much effort or ill effect. I will say though that a little more malt, that balanced the flavor and enhanced the beer and took a smidge from the banana, would have been desirable. Nothing great but pleasant enough, though the 1 pint 3.25 fl. oz baby bomber at $4.49 is a bit prohibitive yet worth a once over.


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