Saturday, November 21, 2009

Samuel Adams Winter Lager


Samuel Adams Winter Lager
Boston Beer Co.
Boston, MA

I get a lot queries on this blog but occasionally they tilt towards the odd and bizarre. Namely two recent ones "roughneck crossdresser" and "roughneck men with nice asses". So I did the normal thing and googled both phrases and found that the returns are #2 & #1 respectively for this blog. That knowledge and $2.99 will get you this bomber at Keg & Wine beer store in Redford, MI.

But enough about moi. You, however, S.A. Winter Lager, are getting a re-review here nearly three years after my original scribbling scrawl. Well, other than me being a clone-maker and the dollar taking a dump against the Euro, the Loonie and the Pound this is pretty much still a bock with typical horns. The seasonal spices don't appear now just as they didn't then. Hell, Santa will show up before those aloof orange peels and ginger affects make their showing. Still a good solid brew by the masters of the "just plain old good beer."

What? What else do you tag-alongs want from me? Oh yeah, here's Santa doing a drive-by down my old street about the time of the first review. You'll have to enlarge it to see his blurry visage but I can assure you that he does exist. Yeah, Donner and Blitzen and Co. are a hemi-powered machine. That's Motown Redux for ye.


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