Saturday, January 30, 2010

Conway's Irish Ale


Conway's Irish Ale
Great lakes Brewing Co.
Cleveland, Ohio

While at my favorite beer store today I thought, "What kind of beer blogger doesn't review IPAs, APAs, $14 bottles of beer, hop monsters or basically whatever is the new hot thing in the beer world?" Well, me. The beer pussy! So what if I'm like a woman and want to enjoy mild and dark flavors without putting my tongue on the gibbet. Speaking of which, while you're self-flagellating over there in your ivory beer tower with your tongue tacks I'll be over here drinking to fill up a review and then move on with my fairly pitiful life. Let's get on with this nonsense already.

As with most red ales there's a low expectation of great satisfaction and a reasonable doubt that you're about to drink a real pisser. This, like everything I've ever tried from GLBC, is a winner, albeit not by much. There's a minus factor of nutty caramel with a few malt patties piling on to this fluffy mild ale. Miniscule hoppage to the point that it tastes like a speck of soil on your dirty tongue after kissing the cinnamon girl while down in the grass behind a barn under a rainbow frequented by two-horned unicorns (i.e., bi-corns). The rest is mostly clean water with a heavy concentrate of alcohol (6.5%) which is hardly detectable outside of the written word.



Mike said...

It seems like you have a little animosity towards people drinking and liking darker, robust, hoppy beers. Where does that come from?

I personally feel a lot of beer just has its place. Right now, in the depths of winter I really enjoy Stouts and Porters. I really enjoy EPA's and IPA's with spicy dinners or full hearty dinners.

Once spring and summer come into full swing I'll be moving to something a little "lighter" I suppose. It is kind of like when I used to smoke cigarettes. I loved lights in the spring/summer, but once it started getting cold I pulled out the Marlboro Reds.

One beer I would suggest or you to try would be a Finnegan's Irish Amber if you can get your hands on it. It is a very smooth, crisp and refreshing beer without major flavors to kick ya in the teeth.

I did a quick review on it if you'd like to see what it looks like.

Review of Finnegan's Irish Amber Ale

If you can't get it and would like to, maybe we can arrange a brew exchange. I can send you something and you can send me something from your area that I can't get.

Let me know what you think.

Mike's Brew Review

R. O. said...

It's an inside joke because any time I mock hoppy beer on the internet a slew of hop-defenders come along to defend their taste and call me a woman. Most people would shy away from it but it gives me a good laugh so I always say it.

Since I'm not much of a drinker I buy the best available singles at the cheapest prices. I try to keep it around $15-$20 per month. But if I see the one you mentioned I'll pick it up.

Sorry, I can't do trades anymore. Not only can't I afford it but when I can I'd much rather buy something for my daughter or put away money for her. But if I hit the lotto or something I'll drive a truck around delivering free beer to my comrades.