Sunday, July 18, 2010

Wheat Monkey Ale

Wheat Monkey Ale
Lakefront Brewery
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Remind me never to stay up all night just so that I can get up early to metal detect because now I'm tired and pissy as all hell. Instead of sleeping I am writing about beer once more because of Mr. White's generous donation of a mixed 8 pack from Lakefront Brerwey. This is a rather smooth, under-carbonated and very richly malted wheat beer. By under-carbonated I don't mean to suggest that it's flat because it has a very good head with decent retention but the feel wasn't affected at all by the richness. It is also rather sweet but not in a syrupy way but more of a fruity estery essence. As with most Lakefront offerings it's a quality brew though not top of the line. That works for me.



Michael said...

I've been away for a bit, but clearly you've still got your sharp edge, friend.

R. O. said...

I've been away too. Luckily we're both bored enough to keep coming back.