Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bloody Beer

Short's Bloody Brew

Bloody Beer
Short's Brewing Company
Elk Rapids, MI

I celebrated a seeing of my clone child this past weekend by buying three beers. An amount which is equal to my purchases of the past 4 or 5 months. Being the Polock that I am I drove around with the car windows open in 30 degree weather just to keep the beer cold whilst paying no mind to the windshield fogging over or my own baked brain going kaput. Beer is serious business. Especially when you can get some select singles for under $3 per bottle.

Choosing between two Short's Brews, Bloody Beer and Black Cherry Porter, and a Dark Horse Scotty Karate was an easy choice for somebody with car lag and a sobering and malingering headache. Hence, the Bloody Beer.

Bloody hell I tell ye because this vegetable clamato witch's brew is seriously conflicted. However, unlike the hot tamale backwash in the Black Mountain Cave Creek Chili Beer this is actually drinkable though a bit confounding. Confusing because you can clearly taste tomatoes, peppercorns and even horseradish but it still tastes like beer. It also has a sweet and unexplainable funkiness to it akin to a Belgian but I have no clue as to how this affect was attained. It must be a strong strain of yeast to cut through this garden of ingredients but whatever it is it saves the beer from being just a V-8 cocktail. I won't say that it's a great beer but as far as vegetable beers go it's actually pretty damned drinkable. These guys have some strange concoctions but so far I haven't had any pissers from their stockpile. Well, any that would keep me from coming back for more strange brews!


PS...yes, I'm still doing the other site but seeing as they make me wait almost a week to publish an exclusive review I'd just as well put it here. Plus, I don't think a few pennies here or there will hurt my 40 cent posting profit on the site! Haha.

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