Sunday, December 26, 2010

Peanut Butter & Jelly Ale


Peanut Butter & Jelly Ale
Short's Brewing Co.
Elk Rapids, Michigan

Beer drinking can get a little boring at times when imbibing in the same styles over and over so it's nice when a brewery has some initiative to be innovative. Short's Brewing Co. is quickly becoming a favorite of mine because they keep reinventing flavors faster than Baskin Robbins used to. I passed up several other major craft beer singles in favor of this brew and another one by Short's based simply upon the uniqueness of each.

The bottle states that this is a peanut butter stout and a fruit rye ale. Although the peanut butter part is subtle it is there in the aftertaste in a faint, dry nutty residue. The jelly part is mostly a sour affect which is a nice touch but not very convincing as jelly per se though as the tartness subsides there is a lingering sweetness that gives off a wine-like essence.The closest comparison I can make to this beer would be Dark Horse's Tres Blueberry Stout but on a much smaller scale because that beer is a world beater whereas this is a very solid fruit stout.



JChristie said...

Glad to hear you dug the beer from a bottle. I'd had it once as a "black and tan" of the two beers and really liked it, but wasn't sure how it would stand up pre-blended.

R. O. Glockenspiel said...

Yes, it's definitely good as a stand-alone but I don't know if I could drink two in a sitting.

Rob Derbyshire said...

Only had the chance to try Shorts Huma-lupa-licious so far but this one sounds very interesting. Shorts clearly aren't afraid to try new things

R. O. Glockenspiel said...

Interesting to say the least. Their out-there beers don't always hit the mark but they are never boring either.