Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Yuengling Bock Beer

Yuengling Bock Beer
Yuengling & Sin Brwery
Pottsvile, Pennsylvania

I'm drinking this straight out of the bottle because tonight I am a beer N*****. If I had a hairy goatee I might even imbibe right from the trough with my disgusting hairy snout like Billy on the label is doing. He seems kind of angry though and more in tune with a Heineken drinker tasting an Imperial Stout for the first time and saying, "Blech, gravy!" That it isn't. A sweet root grain with both honey, nut, musky oat feelers and more complexity than an internet trollop but not more than your mama who wouldn't expose you as such anyway because that's just plain old downright cruel and evil.



Jay Zeis said...

I love this beer because it is so easy to drink, and it tastes good. It does not blow you away, but it is always good for another beer.

R. O. Glockenspiel said...

I like it because it didn't $18 FOR A CAP FULL.

Beers said...

it's one of my favorites too....