Thursday, August 15, 2013

Pumpkick Ale

Pumpkick Ale
New Belgium Brewing Company
Fort Collins, Colorado

I haven't had many pumpkin beers the past few years because there's been relatively no additions to the class but I saw this one and couldn't resist. The hook of cranberry juice added to the potion only increased my expectations.

Well, you can add another failure to the pumpkin beer nirvana dream. The style, for the great majority of them, is as bland as most amber and red ales are. Not a bad drinker at all but also not something that'll make you scrub out a dirt patch in your backyard and start a pumpkin patch to cultivate your own keg's worth.

The sour's in here but it's tempered by the spices and doesn't really do much to improve on the flavor. Which is scarcely different from the general fare pumpkin grog that's out there. The spice and pumpkin are also mellow and it gravitates towards the plethora of other average jack-o-beers that have passed through my gullet with little fanfare or flame.

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